Congratulations to Mia S. for receiving the Every Student Succeeding Award!

It is with great pleasure that I am here to introduce this fabulous student to you this evening -- Mia S.

Standing with us this evening are some staff members who have been an integral part of Mia’s life this school year. Some of her 6th grade teachers are here and Ms. Merilee from Kid Connection where Mia has been attending for many years. There are other staff and family members in the audience but we can only fit so many people up here.

When I first came to Corey 5 years ago, I recall meeting Mia within the first week. She was energetic, kind and friendly. She told me all about Corey and was excited about her teacher and the friends in her classroom. I would see Mia around campus frequently and she was always kind and friendly to everyone both students and adults.

As the year went on, I got to know Mia and her family better and I realized they had a lot of struggles but you wouldn’t know it by talking to her. While all of this was going on in her life she remained kind, friendly, and committed to school.

As I am sure you can tell, Mia is a fabulous example of Corey SPIRIT. She takes the ideals of Work, Respect, and Belong to heart and applies those throughout her life. The P in SPIRIT stands for perseverance and Mia definitely exemplifies perseverance. She tries her best and never gives up. She is committed to school and I am proud to report that this year she earned honor roll for the first trimester this year.

We are all so proud of her and to recognize her as Corey’s Every Student Succeeding awardee.